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I am usually not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions when it comes to weight loss. You are probably familiar with the cliché of people starting a diet or exercise plan on January 1st only to have it completely unravel after a few weeks. I am typically an advocate of starting a significant lifestyle change when you are ready, not at some arbitrary date. Well, this year is different! With all the health concerns, shut-downs, stress, etc., I am starting to suggest to my weight loss patients that they wait until the New Year to make any changes. This is probably the least opportune time to try and lose weight. With the holidays along with the pandemic, starting a new diet or exercise plan can really put you behind the eight ball. Now is the time for planning. Figure out what you want to change and make a realistic plan to execute these changes. In our Cincinnati and Florence Kentucky weight loss center’s we are starting to plan for 2021 even before the holidays are over. So here’s to a 2021 filled with hope and health.

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