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This is one of the best weight loss programs to come along in years when you are talking about FAST and EFFECTIVE weight loss. We combine the best approaches of many different diets to make one powerful, individualized program for our patients. Each of our patients is treated individually because what works for one person will often not work for the next. I can’t tell you how many times we have heard patients tell us how their friend or co-worker did a diet that worked great for them and when they tried it they lost very little weight. Different medical conditions, body types, goals, age, gender, etc. can all effect how one loses weight. It is for this reason that we always start with a thorough consultation to determine if a patient is a candidate for one of our programs.


Our program is individualized and based on scientific principals that focus on burning fat. This is a key point that is often missed. Weight loss does not always mean FAT loss (Many “diets” help people lose water weight or even muscle mass). Making sure the body is burning fat is one of the keys to maintaining weight loss once you reach your goal. It is also the reason that without “radical” dietary changes or exercise programs patients can lose up to 1 pound per day in the first month depending on size and body composition.

We understand that weight loss is not always simply about the number on the scale. It is about feeling comfortable having your picture taken, enjoying shopping for clothes, being confident when looking in the mirror and overall health.


Although the programs are individualized to the patient there are a few key principals that we focus on;

1.       Dietary modification – Changing ones diet will be important when trying to lose weight and burn fat.  Dietary changes will often vary greatly depending on the individual patient.  Depending on age, gender and medical history we may reccomend a program using keto, Intermittent fasting, paleo, etc.

2.       We do sometimes use dietary supplements.  We avoid using hormones or medications.  All products we use are safe and natural and are aimed at boosting your body’s natural fat burning ability.  The products we use are powerful but we don’t want patients to build a dependency on us giving them something to continue to lose weight long term.

3.       Support/Accountability – We work very closely with our patients from start to finish.  Some patients need continued encouragement, some need to be held accountable to the program and some just find comfort in knowing that they are not alone in their personal journey.  This continued support is a key to the high success rate we have with our patients.


We believe that everyone who is struggling with weight and/or weight related health conditions at least deserves the opportunity to find out if they would be a good fit in our system.  We continue to offer the initial one hour consultation FOR FREE so that there will be no barrier between a patient and our, potentially, life-changing program.

If you have any interest in learning more you owe it to yourself to take advantage of one of our free consultations why we are still offering them.


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Our programs are not medically managed or supervised.  Our programs do no diagnose or treat any disease process.  It is recommended that any individual speak with a healthcare professional before altering a diet, nutrition or exercise program.  Please continue to coordinate care for medical conditions and seek advise for any medical concerns with your doctor.