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weight loss holidays

When it comes to maintain your weight, the holidays are probably the trickiest time of the year. Thanksgiving through the end of the year is traditionally about parties, family and an abundance of food. In our weight loss centers in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky we offer several strategies to maintain weight during these crazy times. Let’s go over a few of these.

First things first - you are going to need a plan with realistic expectations. Are you ok with gaining a little weight in November and December? Are you adamant about maintaining your weight? Do you actually want to lose weight during this time? You need to understand that there is no wrong answer. You must, however, make peace with the outcome

If you have chosen to maintain during this time period you can still deviate from the strict diet you may be on. In our Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky weight loss clinics we recommend eating about 80% clean and healthy and allowing yourself to indulge 20% of the time. Using this strategy will allow you to enjoy an occasional office party or family gathering without putting all of the emphasis on what you cannot eat.

You also want to make sure that you avoid the slippery slope. Have a plan to get right back to healthy eating after a social engagement. It is very easy to continue down the path of over eating once you start.

Try these strategies during the holidays to maintain a balance between enjoying the season and good health.

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