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Email From Patient (displayed with permission)

Good morning,
I swear this will be the last email this month lol, I just had to tell you this. I just realized this yesterday, as I was buying new clothes, as I have shrank out of all but one pair of pants... This month last year, I was 159 pounds, in size 14-16 pair jeans, inactive, on depression medication, couldn't walk some days, unemployed and just unhappy with myself. Today, I am off my depression medication, able to not just walk but run, have my own business, down to 134 pounds and now get this in a size 6 jean hah! and loving me.... all thanks to someone who is really passionate about helping people get on track to good health and well being. I really hope that you never burn out and lose this passion that you have... the world needs more people like you. thanks you for everything you have fixed and shown me, as you can see it all was worth your time... Keep up your passion, it radiates from you! Have a good one and I hope I made you smile as you have made me!

Yelp Review

I admit to being a complete skeptic about the chiropractic profession. After dealing with low back and hip pain for about 10 years, I found Dr. Nuesse through a friend of mine who is also a patient of his, and from hearing what she told me about him, I decided what the hell, I've tried everything else. It was very easy to schedule an appointment with him. During the consultation, he is patient and really listens to what your concerns are, and is very good at answering any questions you have, and makes you feel comfortable from the get go. My first day of treatment I walked in a skeptic and walked out a believer and questioned myself on why the hell didn't I do this sooner? I walked in with my usual hip and back pain, walked out with no pain! After 10 years of constant hip and back pain, and migraines, my bursitis is rarely an issue as is the back pain. He not only treats these problems, but is very motivating in showing you how to keep yourself where you need to be and maintaining the progress of treatment! I would recommend him to anyone!

Google + Review

Dr. Nuesseis very careful to listen to your complaints before he commits to a diagnosis and treatment plan. I have chronic neck pain, mostly around my shoulder blades. Dr. Nuesse explained that this is probably due to sitting in front of a computer all day. It only took a few adjustments to feel 100% better. I am now pain free and have full range of motion. I would highly recommend Dr. Nuesse to anyone who is suffering from pain or just wants to maintain their good health.