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With gyms and health clubs being closed throughout most of the country many of us are left scrambling to get regular exercise.

This leads us to the question – “When will gyms re-open?” In this blog post I will give you my thoughts on a possible timeline where we can all get back to the gym.

In our Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky weight loss center’s we have heard the concerns from patients that they are unable to get regular exercise due to gym closures. Many are able to modify their routines but it just isn’t the same. Weight loss, weight management and overall fitness are still primary concerns for many even during these uncertain times. While our offices in Cincinnati and Florence Kentucky don’t use exercise for weight loss we still see the value in it.

I think businesses are going to need to be open in stages. Businesses that only fit a small number of people will be opened first. Unfortunately that would leave gyms out until later. I think that a “best case scenario” for gyms re-opening would be June 1st. By early May places like barber shops and nail salons may begin to reopen and if all goes well gyms, and other larger gathering places, will soon be back as well.

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