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What to expect when you start a weight loss journey

In this week’s blog post I would like to discuss the expectations that anyone should have if they are beginning the process of losing weight. Unfortunately, many people go into a weight loss program with unrealistic expectations and then are set up for disappointment. In our Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky weight loss centers we often have to have a discussion with potential clients about what realistic expectations should look like.

Let me state first that when you start a plan with the intent of losing weight you should expect to lose weight. You should expect weight loss regularly and, for the most part, predictably. A lot of clients we see in our weight loss center seem to feel that it is not right to want to see the scale go down and that they should focus solely on their health. While improving health through weight loss is ideal one should never feel shame or judged because they also want to see pounds drop off. Seeing weight loss can keep you motivated and can let you know that what you are doing is working.

If you have selected a plan that you know works with your physiology and your lifestyle then predictable weight loss should be the norm (not the exception). With the majority of our clients we advise them that they should expect a daily weight loss. That doesn’t mean that they should lose multiple pounds every day and that they should panic if this isn’t occurring. The facts are that the body can metabolize fat at a certain rate every day so daily weight loss should be expected if you are doing things correctly. If pressed to give and average, I would say that clients lose about .5 pounds of fat every day while on one of our programs. Each client is different obviously and weight, body fat percentage, etc. will increase or decrease this number. The point is that it is not unreasonable to expect to see daily weight loss. If you are on a program where you are losing 1 pound per week or maybe go a week without losing and then lose 2 pounds the next week then, in my opinion, you are on the wrong program. You are likely doing (or not doing) something that is stalling your progress. If we see this situation happening in either of our weight loss centers we immediately take action and make alterations to a client’s program.

The trap that is very easy for clients to fall into, however, is “freaking out” if a day goes by when they do not lose weight. Again, we are looking for body fat loss and sometimes this can be countered by a water weight gain. Stay calm in these instances because they will happen from time to time. We need to look for patterns. If a client were to go multiple days without a loss this would look very unusual to us and we would need to take some action or make some adjustment.

Eventually a true weight loss plateau will happen

If you are on the right weight loss plan for you then there is no reason that you should not see regular weight loss.

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