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Most of the patients that we see in our Cincinnati and northern Kentucky weight loss clinics come in with a goal.

They want to lose a certain amount of weight by a certain time or fit into a pair of pants that they haven’t worn in years. While it is great to have tangible goals (size, weight, etc.) success should be measured in other ways as well. One great way to measure that you are becoming successful at losing weight is by tracking your body fat percentage. This metric will give you a clear Idea of what kind of weight you are losing. The more fat you lose the better, obviously.

Let’s take success in weight loss one step further. In all of our weight loss clinics in the Cincinnati area we always focus heavily on weight maintenance. Without understanding how you will maintain your weight from the beginning you will be doomed to have to repeat the process of losing weight again and again. It is for this reason that we define success in two ways; 1. Lose primarily body fat and 2. Learn how to maintain your weight long term.

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