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seniors bicyclingDespite what you may be told or may even believe. Losing weight so that you are in a healthy BMI is a choice not a requirement. It is also a choice that only you can make. Unfortunately, your doctor, you mother, your spouse, your best friend, etc. cannot make that choice for you. If you are content with being the weight that you currently are or you don’t feel that the effort needed to reduce your weight is worth it or can be done then that is a perfectly acceptable choice. The people you love will likely be coming from a good place when they suggest that you lose weight. We often see this with spouses in or Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky weight loss centers.

Spouses will come in with a potential client and try to talk them into taking on a program to lower their weight. In these situations we, as the program facilitators, must be very careful as we believe that the motivation must come from the individual only. While the pressure from others may be coming from a good place it can have disastrous results. The main way that this could be very detrimental is if someone else were to convince you to take on a weight loss program that you were just not that into. You may start out strong but because your heart was never in it you would likely eventually stray away from it.

Now, the program may be awesome but because you were not committed it was doomed to fail from the beginning. This can unfortunately set up the mindset that weight loss is just too difficult, that “your metabolism is shot” or that “gimmicks don’t work. In our Cincinnati area weight loss centers we hear this all the time. This is very unfortunate because it can set up a negative relationship to weight loss that may prevent you from trying another program in the future. Instead you just give up. Indeed, the motivation to lose weight must come from within. Our belief is that this undertaking should only be started when you are fully ready.

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