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Let’s talk about United Dairy Farmers new protein shakes.

In this article we will discuss calories, carbs, protein, as well as give an opinion on taste. Is this a “healthy” alternative to the traditional malt? Let dive in.

First things first, there are about a dozen different varieties of protein shakes to choose from at UDF. They have everything from traditional chocolate and vanilla to peanut butter and cappuccino. All have around 28 grams of protein which is more than a traditional malt at UDF. We were told by a worker that the higher protein content was due to the ice cream they use for the protein shakes have a higher cream content.

Ok – so what about calories, carbs, etc. When we looked up this information we were surprised to find out that for the chocolate version (the one we tried) the calories and carbs (sugar) were higher in the protein shake as compared to the traditional malt.

Now on to taste - We found the chocolate protein shake to kind of like a Wendy’s frosty. This was not a bad thing, but we prefer the traditional malt,

In our Cincinnati and Florence Kentucky weight loss centers we focus on health natural weight loss. Unfortunately, in our opinion, the UDF protein shakes would not be a good option for someone trying to lose weight.

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