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In this blog post let’s talk about what is needed to be successful with weight loss. Specifically, we are going to discuss the most important thing for success in weight loss. This is an important topic, in my opinion, because far too often individuals are taken by gimmicks or quick fix scams. Yo-yo dieting is rampant. Obesity is at its highest percentage… well, ever! And no one seems to know what to do about it. In the next few paragraphs, I am going to give you the answer. What exactly is the most important thing for success in weight loss?

What is successful weight loss?

First, we need to define what success actually is. Is success fitting into old clothes, having better self-esteem or lowering risk for preventable disease? Well, yes and no. All of these things are great, obviously, but there is so much more. Instead of listing all of the benefits individually I like to think that success in weight loss boils down to, losing weight and feeling healthier and more confident and eventually getting to a point where you can maintain without feeling like you are on a “diet”. In our Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky weight loss centers we are always working to this goal with our clients. We never feel like we have truly had success until we get to this point with a client.

What is the most important thing in weight loss?

So, if this is the baseline for success, what is the most important thing to ensure that someone get’s to this point? Well let me tell you what it is not. It’s not exercise or counting calories. It’s not even finding the “perfect plan”. The most important thing for success in weight loss is finding the right plan for you. Some people can be very disciplined with diet. Some love exercise. Many have a hard time with both. I believe that there is a right plan/path for everyone, no matter their individual situation. I also know that there is no single plan that works for everyone. If you start on the wrong plan for you (even if you know someone who was wildly successful) you are bound to fail. It is extraordinarily important to do your due diligence in the beginning and make sure that you are aligned with all, and I do mean all, of the parameters of the program you are considering doing. The last thing that you want to do is start down a path and not be able to follow through for a reason that was known from the beginning. Doing so perpetuates the yo-yo dieting cycle and can be very mentally defeating.

It is for this reason that we have a screening system for potential clients and our weight loss offices. We rigorously screen all potential clients to make sure that what we do is a good fit for them. Some clients we can accept, many we can’t. The last thing that we want to do however, is to be a part of a client not being successful long-term.

So, if you are looking to lose weight for good, take your time selecting the right plan for you. Weigh out carefully if you agree and can comply with the parameters of the program. If the answer is no… run, don’t walk away!

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