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Spring is Coming

Here in Cincinnati Ohio the weather is just starting to turn. It is still technically winter and there is certainly a chance for more snow but over the last week the temperature has crept into the 50’s (tropical). The reality is that spring will be here before you know it. With warmer weather brings less clothing and people often feeling self-conscious about their bodies and their weight. It is very common for people who live in areas with freezing winters to put on weight during the winter only to want to lose that weight when the weather starts to get warmer. In this blog I want to discuss some strategies that can jump-start weight loss before warm weather really sets in.

In our weight loss offices in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky we think it is best for clients to lose weight at a steady and predictable pace. The first step of this process may seem obvious but is of ultra-importance. To start losing weight regularly you must be ready to commit to whatever lifestyle changes you have set out to pursue. If you are not fully committed mentally you are ultimately setting yourself up for long-term failure. Once you have decided you are ready to commit you can begin implementing a few weight loss techniques that can help to jump-start your journey. One of the most powerful techniques that we use with our weight loss clients is intermittent fasting. What we have found to work the best is eating all foods in a 6 hour period during the day and then fasting for 18 hours. Another technique that can really jump-start a weight loss journey is eating low carb and low cal. This is much different from keto dieting as you want to limit your fat intake. In our offices we sometimes call this Low Cal dirty keto (LCDK). And finally for this blog let’s talk about some nutritional supplements that have been scientifically shown to speed up weight loss. In our office we use supplements like raspberry ketones, green coffee bean extract and African mango among others to give our clients that little extra boost. You can find out more about our proprietary products at As shorts and tank top weather approaches try these techniques if you are looking to take off some of that winter weight.

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