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Sinocare Scale Review

Clients at both of our weight loss centers near Cincinnati, Ohio often ask “what scale do you recommend?” I have recommended all types of cheap scales in the past but recently I was sent a scale to review by a company called Sinocare and I really liked it for a few reasons. In this blog I want to review this home scale and let you know why this is my go-to scale recommendation.

When it comes to home scales my recommendation really comes down to 2 factors:
1. Is it accurate?
2. Is it cheap?

Sometimes our weight loss clients feel they need super fancy medical scales when doing one of our programs. The reality is the sensor in a $200 scale is going to be basically the same as that in a $25 scale. The rest of the cost is marketing and unnecessary bells and whistles.

The home scale by Sinocare is accurate to .2 lbs. This is very important. We ask our weight loss clients to weight themselves daily to track progress. Scales that only have readouts for whole and half pounds (.0 and .5) are just not specific enough for daily weighing in my opinion. So the Sinocare gets a big check in the accuracy column.

So now let’s talk about cost. As of the writing of this post you can get the Sinocare scale for under $20 from the Sinocare site. This is super cheap when it comes to bathroom scales.

From now on I will be recommending the Sinocare scale to clients. Check them out if you get a chance at

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