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Raspberry Ketones

In this blog post I would like to discuss one of the products that we feel is key to a client’s initial success – our proprietary raspberry ketone drops. I would like to discuss why we use them and what they do, as they have a very specific role in fat metabolism.

As the name suggests, raspberry ketones are ketones. Ketones are a result of fat metabolism. An entire way of dieting, “the ketogenic diet”, takes its name from this physiologic process. But why are ketones important? What do they do to help speed up body fat loss? It turns out that when your body produces ketones that this stimulates the production of a hormone called adiponectin. Adiponectin, in turn, increases insulin sensitivity and promotes further fat metabolism. This then becomes a cycle where more fat is metabolized and is, therefore, more easily accessed for energy. This is sometimes known as “fat adaptation”. So, yes, you can diet very aggressively and break down fat and start this process of fat metabolism, ketone production and adiponectin stimulation OR you can exogenously take the ketones to get your body to produce adiponectin and jumpstart this process.

In our Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky offices we want our clients to see results right from the beginning. We want to earn their trust so they will buy into the process fully. We have found that if they have to grind away at an extremely restrictive diet for an extended period of time, while seeing only moderate results, there is a higher likelihood that they will become overwhelmed and, possibly, throw in the towel. So, in the beginning, we will always give this raspberry ketone product to jumpstart the fat loss process.

Think of it this way – If you have a train that is just sitting in the station. Once it starts up it takes some time for it to get up to speed. Steam pours out of the top, the wheels slowly start turning and the conductor is yelling “all aboard” even as the train is already in motion. But once a train is up to speed it is hard to stop. If a car is on the tracks a quarter mile ahead it may not be able to stop in time to prevent hitting it. So, we use our raspberry ketone drops as a way to skip over this “getting up to speed” process. They help to get the train moving right away, without the grind. You can think of it as a “cheat” or a “hack”, but at the end of the day it is simply a way to make the process of fat metabolism more efficient and predictable.

Once the train is up to speed, that is once a person is into fat metabolism we will likely let them discontinue the raspberry ketone drops because their body is now performing this natural cycle on its own. So, this product should never be thought of as a magic pill. It is simply another tool that we use to help more clients see results and then stick with a program for life.

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