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Why is it important to pick your battles when it comes to weight loss? At our Cincinnati weight loss clinics we believe that you must be comfortable “picking your battles” when beginning your weight loss journey. So what do we mean by “picking your battles”? What we mean is you have to be comfortable using products that may have a little sugar in them or may not be organic. Unfortunately, in our Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky weight loss clinics we often see patients who are close minded to using certain products because they believe they may be unhealthy.

Let’s use I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter as an example. This product has a few ingredients that are believed to cause digestive distress (namely soybean oil and soy lechtin). If used in moderation, however, it can be a useful tool to help someone feel satisfied without adding additional calories and sabotaging their results. The same holds true for anything else you may find is “unhealthy”. If it will help you reach your goal, nearly anything can be used in moderation. You can find our weight loss offices throughout Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

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