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In the last blog we talked about the concepts of losing weight naturally and permanently. In this blog I would like to go through some specifics on how to do just that. There are 3 main concepts that we teach clients in our Cincinnati and Florence Kentucky weight loss centers to help them along their weight loss journey. Here are the top 3…

1. Eliminate refined carbohydrates – this does not necessarily mean to eliminate ALL carbs. Carbohydrates are found in vegetables and fruit and are healthy when taken in this way. Refined carbs on the other hand add no nutritional value and spike insulin immediately causing an immediate halt in fat loss. The foods we have our weight loss clients eliminate include; candy, bread, pasta, sodas, etc.

2. Fast – There is a lot of good evidence suggesting that intermittent fasting stimulates fat loss. Most of the data points to eating all food in 6 hours and then having a period of 18 hours where you don’t eat as the best combination for weight loss. In our Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky offices this will be a typical pattern that we will recommend to our weight loss clients.

3. Work through plateaus – “sticktoittiveness” is a very important concept when trying to lose weight. There are going to be periods of slow loss even if doing everything correctly. These are typically called weight loss plateaus. There are many techniques to breaking these plateaus, but sometimes it just comes down to sticking with it and waiting it out.

I hope these three tips are helpful if you are trying to lose weight naturally and then keep it off permanently.

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