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Our Top 4 Techniques for Rapid Weight Loss

So what specifically do we do? I get this question all the time. I often write about different techniques and methods to lose weight. I also review certain “diets” that are popular (especially with celebrities). I do, however feel that there is a core set of techniques that are especially important when trying to lose weight. In this blog I would like to describe these four techniques in detail.

First off, I need to preface this entire blog by stating that when I refer to “weight loss” what I really mean is “fat loss”. There are certainly some easy ways to gimmick the scale to move lower which are unhealthy and ultimately unproductive. We don’t want our clients to be temporarily tricking the scale by losing water weight, or even worse, by losing muscle mass. While I understand that everyone who wants to lose weight inherently wants to reduce body fat, with some plans the two do not go hand in hand. With that out of the way let’s talk about the four most important weight loss techniques/strategies/tools (these can be used interchangeably) in my opinion.

  1. Whenever a new weight loss client comes into our Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky weight loss centers we always have them change their diet to some degree. For some this can be a complete overhaul of how they are eating and for some it is only a slight modification. I feel that it goes without saying but dietary modification is essential for weight loss. It is important, however, to change your diet based on your individual needs. Gender, age, metabolism, health history and even likes and dislikes all play a factor in what eating plan will work for you. It is for this reason that we evaluate each of our weight loss clients thoroughly before making any recommendations.
  2. Second, and of equal importance, is the taking of certain natural products to make the process easier. We will often make recommendations to our clients to take certain supplements. These can help with hunger, stress, nutritional deficiencies, or simply help speed up the weight loss process. In my opinion, you should only use products that are natural and have no chance of forming a dependency. Some examples of products that we recommend include; green coffee bean extract and raspberry ketones.
  3. Now let’s talk about support and accountability. If losing weight and maintaining it was easy we would not have the current obesity epidemic. The fact is people need to be surrounded with support, guidance and need to be held accountable for their actions. Without a proper support system any well intentioned plan is bound to fail in my opinion.
  4. Finally let’s talk about maintenance. Eventually all of our weight loss clients no longer want or need to lose weight. While this is certainly a cause for celebration, we need to have a maintenance program already in place so we don’t end up back in the same situation. In our offices the mentality of maintenance begins on day one. We treat weight loss as an inevitability if our methods are followed. Maintenance, in many cases, is where diet programs fail.

I hope this helps answer some of the questions about how I advise our weight loss clients. Please contact one of our offices if you have further questions.

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