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Our Preferred Cocoa Powder

When attempting to cut calories or carbs during a weight loss program one of the things people miss most is a sweet treat. In our Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky weight loss centers clients are constantly asking us about chocolate substitutes. Today I want to introduce my favorite cocoa powder that is compliant with both keto and low carb/low cal diets.

Stevia Cocoa Delight is a cocoa powder sweetened with stevia. Because it is low calorie, pure cocoa powder is something that we allow our clients to have during a weight loss program. Stevia Cocoa Delight takes it to the next level, however, by adding stevia. I am a big fan of stevia as a low calorie sweetener for a number of reasons. First, it adds 0 calories to the food it is used with. Second, it is even sweeter that regular table sugar. Finally (and most importantly), there is no research that links stevia to weight gain like there is for some other artificial sweeteners.

So, Stevia Cocoa Delight is compliant with a weight loss program but how does it taste. Well, I have done a full taste test on our YouTube channel (search Dr. Nuesse on YouTube), but I can tell you that it is one of the products that I often use myself. It can take the edge off of a sweet craving.

If you ever find yourself missing a chocolate fix when trying to lose weight give Stevia Cocoa Delight a try!

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