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New Year New Intro

In this blog post I wanted to update the office introduction that we have posted on our website. The intro (in video form) that we currently up has gotten stale in my opinion and doesn’t fully represent all of what we do. An introductory video is naturally difficult to produce. This is due to the fact that the audience watching it is generally shopping around for options and will allocate very little time to watching a video on a product they may not be familiar with. Keeping and intro video under 2 minutes and communicating all of the benefits and services we provide is virtually impossible. In the new video (which will be coming out later this week at we will hopefully hit the highlights and balance this with keeping the audience engaged. Let me briefly take you through the major points of this new intro video.

Our website,, naturally draws the question from potential clients; “What is the secret?” The secret is actually a combination of secrets that, when combined, maximize long term results.

When a client decides to work with Brand NUE Weight Loss they are putting their trust in our system. Because of this we treat all of our clients as if they are members of our own family. We celebrate all of the successes they have and help to pick them up and dust them off during the challenging times. Our goal is to prove that a solid plan based on science along with a boost in self-confidence can do amazing things.

Yes most of our clients lose weight quickly with us and we do focus on techniques that specifically target body fat loss but one of the secrets is our ability to take someone out of their current environment and surround them with our professional, knowledgeable and compassionate staff on a 1 on 1 basis. Our coaches can not only give you the facts behind natural weight loss but can help to motivate you to get the most out of your journey.

Another secret to our success is individualizing a program to a client. Let’s be honest, a vegetarian isn’t going to have the same program as a red meat fan. Someone looking to lose 100 lbs. isn’t going to have the same plan as someone looking to lose 15 lbs. In my opinion fitting the plan to the client is essential.

Our programs are also evolutionary. We stay at the forefront of science when it comes to natural weight loss. When new techniques or products, with science behind them, come out we may adopt them into our system. Similarly ,we have gotten rid of all of the hokey junk that plagues the weight loss sector. We try to develop a streamlined system that ensures a client will lose weight at a predictable pace and then have the tools to manage their weight in a way that fit’s their lifestyle.

I hope this blog post shed some insight into what we do and how we treat our clients. Be on the lookout for the video version of this post at

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