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In our Cincinnati and Florence Kentucky weight loss centers we are often asked about the role that exercise plays in weight loss. While we believe that weight loss is not necessarily dependent on exercise, today I wanted to give you an example of how I work out to stay in shape.

One of the pieces of equipment that I use that I feel gives the best workout is the Assault Fitness Air Bike. We have one in our Cincinnati weight loss center and use it during our personal training sessions.

Here is an example of how I use the Assault Bike

I like doing pyramid style workouts. What this means is that you start off doing an interval of work and then have a rest period. The more rounds you do the longer the work period and shorter the rest period get. Here is an example of how I do this on the air bike.

  • 10 – 1 minute rounds
  • First round 10 seconds hard work with 50 seconds slow recovery
  • Second round 20 seconds hard and 40 seconds recovery
  • Keep increasing until you get to 50 seconds hard with 10 seconds recovery
  • Do this round twice and then begin counting back down.

I hope this was helpful. For a great 10 minute workout try the air bike pyramid!

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