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I recently read an article about Kim Kardashian of all people. While I don’t personally have any interest in reality T.V. celebrities, what peaked my interest was the fact that she had recently lost weight. Even more importantly than that, she was being shamed for the rate of weight loss and how she did it. In this blog post I’ll discuss this article and give my opinions about it.

So, there are basically two important parts to this article. Number one; how much did she lose over what period of time? Number two; what did she change to enable herself to lose the weight?

Reading the article it was clear that she lost about 21 pounds over a two month period. Now the article didn’t mention a starting or an ending weight so I can’t say what percentage of her weight she lost overall but this seems pretty rapid to me. Here’s what I mean; we tell our clients in our Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky weight loss clinics that losing 30 pounds over a 30 day period is possible and realistic. So why am I saying that 21 pounds in 2 months sounds rapid? The answer is that it depends on how big you are to start and, more importantly, your body fat percentage. In our weight loss offices we typically deal with clients who are 300, 400 and sometimes 500 pounds. If we see someone at 400 pounds with a 50% body fat percentage we can safely say that losing 30 pounds over 30 days is possible. Kim Kardashian obviously does not fit this category. While her loss might be more rapid than expected that does not necessarily mean it was “unhealthy”. To understand the health aspect we need to understand “how” she did it.

Not too many details were given by her in the article, but she did state that she eliminated junk food and sugar. To me this seemed like a basic thing that is needed to lose body fat. People online, however, did not agree. She was blasted for being “too restrictive with her diet” and “doing something that is not sustainable”. Again, not much specific information was given, but I wouldn’t consider eliminating sugar and junk food “restrictive” or “not sustainable”. She was doing these things as a means to an end. She will certainly be able to have cookies, candy, etc. in moderation once she reaches whatever goal she is after. A smart plan with specific goals and a maintenance program like the ones we recommend is the key in my opinion.

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