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Fitness In this blog posting we review a very popular group training gym, OrangeTheory Fitness. How much does it cost? What are the benefits? Is it over priced? I am doing this blog post specifically because I am constantly being asked in my Cincinnati and Florence Kentucky weight loss offices – “what is the best gym?” This is a very individualized question based on a number of factors. Do you like to work out in groups or alone? Are you looking to lose weight? Do you want to build muscle? These questions and others must be answered before the right gym can be selected. So let’s dive in to OrangeTheory specifically so that maybe you may be able to better assess if it is right for you.

Fir things first – the price… OrangeTheory has three different levels of membership. You can select 4 classes per week, eight classes per week or unlimited classes per week. The prices are $60, $100 and $160 respectively. These prices may be a little higher in big cities like New York or Chicago. You also will need to buy a heart monitor for around $70.
So what do you get for these prices. Well, without going through details, OrangeTheory is a HIIT type workout. You will very intensity while using a treadmill, rower and weights over an hour class. You will also have a highly motivating coach and the support of other class participants.

So, the big question is – Is it worth it? Again, this is going to come down to the individual. I tell my weight loss clients in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky that it is worth it if you use it. If you like working out in a group it is a good option. If you want to set goals and work hard to achieve them while using science (heart rate data) as your guide it might be for you. It would not be a good choice for someone who likes to work out alone or who is looking to put on a lot of muscle.
I hope this helps you may a more informed decision about OrangeTheory Fitness.

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