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Introducing Our Weight Loss App

We are extremely excited to announce the official launch of our very own weight loss application which is available for Apple and Android devices. In this blog post I would like to give you the basics on its functionality and why it might be useful to you if you are on a weight loss journey. First off, our app has been in development for just under 2 years. It is extremely robust and combines many common features with current weight loss apps. While it is complex in its functionality it is rather straightforward to use. Now let’s discuss the basics.

The main functionality of the app is the tracking feature. Again, there are many tracking apps out there but none that include as many variables as ours does when it comes to weight loss. Within our app you have the ability to not only track your food and you weight but you can also track exercise, vitamins, water intake and bowel movements. All of these parameters are important when trying to lose weight correctly. You need to have data when losing weight so that you know when and how you need to change things along the way. Without complete data you may think your plan isn’t working or you may be at a plateau and not even know it. In our Cincinnati and Florence Kentucky weight loss offices we believe in only making changes when the data tells us too. Far too often people on weight loss plans make drastic changes along the way, almost like throwing darts at a dartboard, trying to maximize results.

The next feature is our pre-loaded recipes. The app comes with 25 pre-loaded recipes that are compliant with keto, low-carb and what we recommend mostly for weight loss, low carb dirty keto (LCDK). They all come with full ingredients and instructions and as an extra bonus can be easily dropped into the tracker with one click.

The above features are available for anyone. They are 100% free just for signing up. We want as many people, who want to take control of their health, to have the tools necessary to start their journey. We do have some seriously valuable tools available for our premium and elite members however. Next let’s discuss these.

For those who are really serious about losing weight and getting healthy we recommend our Premium subscription. With this plan you will be upgraded to 100’s of recipes. Again these are all compliant with keto, low carb and LCDK. They are all simple and delicious and should get you to a point where you simply don’t feel like you are “dieting”. The premium plan also comes with many guides. It includes guides for dining out, fast food options, alcohol guidelines, grocery lists, etc. Premium members also receive 20% off at our online store. This 20% is available on all items and is in addition to any sale that might be ongoing. If used correctly this discount more than covers the cost of the premium subscription.

If you are truly serious about losing weight in a healthy way and keeping it off for good we do offer an elite plan. This plan is only available to clients who we have pre-screened as good candidates. To become pre-screened you can simply fill out our weight loss application online at Clients at the premium level will have access to our full program manual as well as all instructional videos. A key to the elite plan is our online support. Elite members can message within the app if they have questions, need a pep talk, need a product suggestion, etc. This is a vital tool to long term success.

I hope this quick explanation sparked your interest in our app. You can try it out for free now. Simply search “Brand NUE” on the Apple App Store or Android App Store.

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