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Introducing Our Meal Replacement Shakes and Bars

For years our weight loss clients have been asking (sometimes even begging) for a quick meal replacement supplement for when cooking a meal isn’t convenient. And for years we have not been able to provide them a suitable solution based on our program guidelines. Well, starting this week all of that changes. We have just launched our weight loss compliant meal replacement shakes and snack bars. In this blog post I will go over what they are and how we intend for them to be used.

First off, we believe that meal replacement products are a tool that should be used occasionally to make the process of weight loss more convenient. In life there are times when cooking (or even reheating) a meal just isn’t practical. Think of long car trips or being out at a child’s sporting event all day. In these special cases, instead of pulling over for fast food or hitting the snack bar, you could use these products. Now to be clear, we are not (and will not become) a shake diet. There are plenty of those types of diets out there and in my opinion the long term success of them is very low. Our program will remain a full lifestyle system that fundamentally requires a client to learn healthy ways of cooking, snacking, dining out, etc. Without these life skills maintenance of weight loss is nearly impossible. Again, these products are tools that can help fill a very specific need. They should definitely not be relied upon as the foundation of a new way of eating.

So here is a little more detail about the products. Both the snack bars and the shakes are gluten free. The shakes do contain dairy (which is an exception to our no dairy rule). The snack bars clock in at 100 calories each while the shakes range from 220-240 calories each. The shakes come in chocolate and vanilla and the bars in caramel and chocolate mint. They both come in boxes of seven individual products each.

As stated above, these products should not be the foundation for how any client is eating. So here are the parameters for how we intent for our Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky weight loss clients to use them. First off, these products are limited. We don’t want clients replacing more than two meals per week with shakes or snacking on more than two bars per week. The shakes obviously replace a meal that otherwise you wouldn’t be able to get in. The bars however are a flexible snack. Sometimes your stomach is growling between meals and you don’t have access to a hardboiled egg, lunch meat, etc. In these cases these individually wrapped bars are a convenient way to satisfy this hunger.

Now, we do recognize the potential for clients and the general public to use these products more frequently than what we intend. They are, after all, delicious products! It is for this reason that we have decided to initially limit the purchase of these products to one box per order. We are also only currently offering these products in our Cincinnati and Florence Kentucky weight loss centers. In the future we may put these up for online purchase if this initial roll out goes the way that we plan.

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