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Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Weight Loss Clinics

nutrition weight lossWhen intentionally trying to lose weight through a diet program like the ones we prescribe in our Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky weight loss clinics you will inevitably go through periods where your weight plateaus. There are, however, things that you can do to help speed up your weight loss if one of these plateaus hits. In this post I am going to describe the two things we recommend in our weight loss clinics to help people get through weight loss plateaus.

So the first thing you can do is obvious. If you simply stick to what you are doing that has been working eventually the plateau should break. Unfortunately this can be very frustrating at times. You are doing everything in your power. You have had great results, but now it just doesn’t seem to be working anymore. It is for this reason you may want to use a plateau breaker to help speed things along.

Plateau breakers involve significantly changing your diet for one day to trick your body back into wanting to lose weight. An example of a plateau breaker that we use in our weight loss clinics in both Cincinnati and Florence Kentucky is the “steak and apples breaker”. To do this correctly we have people change from the diet they are doing to just eating steak and apples for one day. Usually by the next day they are back to losing weight again. This works because your body gets stuck when doing the same thing over and over. Mixing it up drastically, temporarily, can help confuse the body and stimulate it to go back to losing weight.

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