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How important is water for weight loss?

Let’s talk about an often overlooked part of a weight loss journey – water intake. Of course most of us understand that keeping yourself hydrated is a healthy thing to do. Sufficient water intake can improve your energy and mood, aid digestive health and even help you look younger. Obviously staying hydrated is important but can it actually aid in weight loss?

In our Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky weight loss centers we highly encourage our clients to stick to a hydration routine when actively trying to lose weight. Our recommendation is generally to try to drink at least 80 ounces of water per day. I am one to always look for the scientific “why?” with programs I suggest. In this case there is evidence that staying hydrated can aid in weight loss in at least two major ways. Let’s look at one study from 2013 which looked at 50 overweight women. In this study they were asked to drink an additional 500 ml of water per day. The results were significant reductions in not only their weight but also their body fat from pre-study measurements. A similar study showed that dieters who drank 500 ml of water before meals lost 44% more weight than those on similar plans who did not consume the additional water. So what are the two ways that researchers believe that water aids weight loss? First, it is understood that proper hydration keeps the body’s metabolism running more efficiently, leading to an increase in calories burned. Secondly, drinking more water can make you feel full. This can lead to fewer calories taken in. So try increasing your water intake if on a weight loss journey. Even without changing your regular routine you may start seeing noticeable results.

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