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Tracking things like your food, nutrition supplements, weight, water, etc. can seem like an extremely tedious task when beginning a weight loss journey. It can seem much simpler to just keep general mental notes about how you are progressing.

So how important is tracking when trying to lose weight? My short answer is that it is invaluable for a number of reasons which I will detail in this blog post.

Tracking During Your Weight Loss Journey Is Invaluable

In our Cincinnati and Florence Kentucky weight loss offices we always have our clients track what they are doing. The main reason we have them track is that doing so gives us information that we can use to make adjustments along the way. Let’s say for example that your weight isn’t changing like we expected it to. In this scenario we can look at the pattern of weight loss on the tracking sheet to determine if changes are needed. Another key reason to track is your tracking sheet keeps a record of times that you have been “off plan”. If you are not following the plan that was working for you, you should not expect the same results.

So what should you be tracking?

As stated above, there is a minimum level of detail we ask our weight loss clients to track. This includes the following:

  • weight
  • all food eaten
  • supplements taken
  • water consumption
  • any notes or feelings they had throughout the day

Tracking can seem tedious at times but is a smart habit to implement if you want to lose weight right and avoid unnecessary frustration.

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