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“Healthy” Chocolate Options

In this blog post I would like to discuss three brands of chocolate sauce that I consider to be healthy. Now, I need to preface this article by stating that when I talk about “healthy” I mean best for weight loss. Some may consider certain ingredients in these products to be not “healthy” because they are artificial or not organic. My opinion remains that if someone needs to lose weight for their health than this is of prime importance. Having certain questionable ingredients in a product can be seen as okay as long as it helps the person along their weight loss journey. We have been recommending these products in our Cincinnati and Florence Kentucky weight loss offices for years. Let’s go through the top three in no particular order.

First on the list is Walden farms chocolate sauce. This is a zero calorie chocolate that contains no carbs or fat. It does contain some artificial sweeteners however. We have created several low calorie desserts using this product which most of our weight loss clients enjoy. Some people may not care for the taste but it is a solid option if on a weight loss journey.

Next let’s talk about Hershey’s zero sugar chocolate sauce. This is another great low calorie option that is particularly useful if doing a low carb or keto program. The sweetener is a sugar alcohol (erythritol) which is very sweet but does not add to the calories. This product is widely available and is relatively inexpensive. Again, fans of traditional Hershey’s syrup may be put off by the difference in taste at first. Rounding out the top three is RX Sugar brand chocolate syrup. This is another zero calorie chocolate sauce compliant with many different weight loss programs including ours. RX Sugar brand is a little more difficult to find that the previous two and when ordering may be a little more expensive. Since it is sweetened with allulose it also contains no carbs.

Please check out these three chocolate sauces if you are trying to lose weight and need a sweet fix!

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