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This is aCincinnati Chiropractic Care and Weight Loss question we hear often at our Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky (Florence) weight loss clinics. The simple answer is yes. Intermittent fasting can help control your blood sugars and therefore your insulin response.

Here’s how it works… Whenever you eat anything your body responds by releasing insulin so that you can properly utilize the energy from the food. This is especially true when you eat carbohydrates but there is a minimal response whenever you eat anything. Here is where fasting comes in. If you limit your eating to a small time frame in each day you can limit this physiological response. Insulin is a hormone that prevents you from losing body fat when it is elevated in the bloodstream. Fasting, therefore, may play a key role in not only controlling insulin levels but also maximizing fat loss. This core concept is one of the principals we lean on when developing weight loss plans in our Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky offices.

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