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Doctors Agree: Low Carbohydrate Diets are Better than Low Calorie one’s

I recently read an article on entitled; can’t lose weight by eating less? Why low-carb diets may be the solution. In this article several doctors were interviewed and compared low calorie diets to low carbohydrate diets like keto. They were virtually all in agreement that low carbohydrate diets were superior to their low calorie counterparts. They listed a number of different reasons for this.

First, the doctors stated that dieting by restricting calories was harder to maintain. Dr. David Ludwig was quoted as saying, “While people can lose weight over the short term, very few people can manage to ignore their hunger and fight through those metabolic problems to maintain their weight loss”. Basically, if you are not somewhat satisfied with how you are eating while trying to lose weight then you are bound to fail. In our Cincinnati and Florence, KY weight loss offices we are huge believers in this principal. The client must actually enjoy the process of losing weight. This is the reason we have curated hundreds of compliant and delicious recipes, dining out guides, tasty pre-approved products, etc. The second reason they came up with for low carb being superior to low cal is that low carb diets better control insulin. Dr. Ludwig was again quoted as stating; “Insulin — you can think of (it) as the ultimate fat cell fertilizer. Too much insulin, fat cells get programmed to hoard calories. So there aren’t too many calories in the blood stream. And that’s why we get hungry”. In our weight loss offices we are all about insulin control. As Dr. Ludwig states, Insulin elevation basically programs your body to prefer carbohydrate metabolism instead of fat metabolism. Low carbohydrate diet, like the ones we use with our clients, keep insulin levels low allowing more fat to be metabolized that with simply cutting calories.

As a final thought; I am a big fan of the low carb/low cal model, which combines the effectiveness of both. I have found it to be more effective than either individual strategy and also maintainable for life.

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