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Is the “Covid 15” for real? “The Covid-15” has become a real buzz term to describe the phenomenon of steady weight gain due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Is there any truth to this? Are we gaining weight as a nation? The first thing that I can tell you from experience is that in our Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky weight loss centers we are hearing from clients that they are putting on weight due to the stresses caused by the pandemic. Nutrisystem also put out a report stating that 75% of Americans have gained at least 16 pounds since the start of the pandemic. The website also released data stating that the average child has also gained about 7 pounds during the same period. So, obviously, it is a “real” thing, but why is it happening?

In my opinion there are a few reasons for the “Covid 15”. First, here in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, gyms were closed for a while. Obviously with less activity comes weight gain. Second is stress. Working from home, isolation, financial struggles, homeschooling, etc. can all lead to a stress response. When you are stressed you produce cortisol. In research studies, cortisol production is directly linked to an increase in belly fat.

Hopefully this will all end soon and we can get back to our regular lives. If you would like more information on fighting back against the “Covid 15” please contact one of our weight loss clinics in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky.

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