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A couple of weeks ago....

​...I posted a video on my thoughts about an opinion I heard from Michael Osterholm. For those of you that don’t know Michael Osterholm, he is one of the leading infectious disease experts in the country. You should really look him up. His opinion was that the severe cases of coronavirus would be more prevalent in the United States because of the large number of obese individuals we have. He stated that these people are more likely to be immunocompromised and, therefore, susceptible to the severe form of coronavirus.

Well, it seems that Michael Osterholm was on the right track because as of late march the CDC has come out and stated that severely obese people are at high risk for the severe symptoms caused by coronavirus. Many physicians throughout the United States have echoed this sentiment as well. Obesity unfortunately can lead to significant health problems including diabetes, respiratory issues, compromised sleep, etc. At our Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky weight loss centers we strive day by day to reduce the obesity epidemic by focusing on natural, long term, weight loss. Please see this as a wake-up call. We need to start putting our health as a main priority.

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