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Zevia Coke zero is a zero sugar and zero calorie “diet soda”. I often get questions in my Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky weight loss clinics about diet drinks and weight loss. For this blog let’s take a look at Coke Zero specifically. Is this product something that can be used on a weight loss program or will it actually cause weight gain.

While it is true that Coke zero contains no calories and will, therefore, not add to your caloric intake for the day, we need to look closely at the ingredients. Unfortunately, Coke zero, like most diet sodas, contains artificial sweeteners. In this particular case the artificial sweetener is aspartame. According to a research study performed in 2010, aspartame was actually linked to weight gain. The researchers theorized that individuals who drank these artificial sweeteners would crave real sugar and would, therefore, not be able to stick with a caloric restricted diet.

It is for this reason that I advise patients in my weight loss clinics in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky to avoid diet drinks when trying to lose weight. There are, however, substitutes that can be used instead of Coke Zero. Zevia soda (which I previously did a blog post on) contains no artificial sweeteners. I advise patients who miss soda when dieting to try Zevia soda instead of traditional diet sodas.

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