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Billy Joel Loses 50 Pounds

I recently read an article about singer/musician Billy Joel and his recent 50 pound weight loss. I sometimes use celebrity examples when speaking with clients in our Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky weight loss centers to make certain goals seem more relatable. When I saw the news article I was intrigued of course so I naturally clicked on it to learn more. The first thing I was hit with was his before and after picture. This difference can be jarring and really send home a message. A picture, in this case, is probably worth 10,000 words. His transformation was remarkable so I read on. I eventually got to a part in the article where Billy Joel was being interviewed by Howard Stern about his weight loss. It turns out that losing all of that weight was just a side effect of a chronic back problem he had to have surgery for. While recovering from the surgery he stated that he had no appetite and as he ate less he began to lose weight. He went on to voice his dislike for diets in general. This is something that we preach in our weight loss centers as well. Realistic, controlled, responsible eating is quite different from being “on a diet”. To learn more about our methods or services send us an email or call our office directly.

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