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Best Products for Weight Loss

In our Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky weight loss centers we are huge advocates for using certain low carb or low calorie products to help achieve a weight loss goal. These products are usually great substitutes for items people typically crave when trying to lose weight. In this blog post I would like to give a shout out to some (not all) of our favorite weight loss products.

Best Salad Dressing – We have tried dozens of different low calories and low carb salad dressings. Some fit nicely within the parameters of our program but don’t taste very good. Some taste okay but have just too much of the stuff we are trying to avoid. During our search we have landed on the Skinny Girl salad dressing brand as the sweet spot for good taste and a compliant dressing for weight loss. This brand is widely available in most supermarkets. Give it a try to save some calories and liven up your next salad.

Best BBQ Sauce – Another product type that people feel like they need to give up when trying to lose weight is BBQ sauces, marinades, etc. In our Cincinnati and Florence Kentucky weight loss centers we never want our clients to feel deprived. Again, after trying many brands, we landed on G. Hughes as the best brand of BBQ and related sauces. This brand is available at most specialty grocery stores and health food stores. Try it with the meat of your choice.

Best Mayonnaise – Mayo is a tough one. It is either tasty but loaded with extra calories or low calorie and disgusting. In our opinion there are actually two mayo brands that taste good and are compatible with a weight loss journey. Both Mrs. Taste and Walden farms brands fit the bill. These two are a little harder to find and may need to be ordered however. We have a number of compliant recipes that we use these two products in interchangeably. Give it a try as a substitute for deviled eggs.

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