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Weight management is a continuous battle that EVERYONE struggles with throughout life. Whether you have weight problems or not you need to make daily choices to prevent weight gain. It is just too easy nowadays to get food that is cheap, full of calories and has no nutrition. It is for this reason that we tell our clients in our Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky weight loss offices that they must get comfortable seeing the number on the scale fluctuate. Weight fluctuations are no big deal when on a weight loss program. They can happen because you go on vacation, go to a wedding or just want to have some of your nephew’s birthday cake. Unfortunately, we have seen many of our weight loss clients get completely discouraged when they see an increase on the scale after a day off the diet. It can be very disheartening to be working so hard to make progress and for on (or a few) days to cause a set-back. This is, however, part of the process. If you jump right back onto a plan that was working for you there is no reason that the weight gained won’t come right back off. Those that are no trying to lose weight (trying to maintain) do not stay the same weight day after day. They go up a little then back down, but never lose or gain over a long enough time. The key is to be O.K. with these fluctuations (because they can, and will, happen). Weight management is a life-long process.

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