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In this blog post I would like to clarify some of our parameters when it comes to alcohol consumption and weight loss. I have written extensively on beer, wine, etc. in the past. In this blog I want to put everything together. This will mainly pertain to our weight loss clients in our Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky offices, but I feel this information can be useful to anyone.

First, we are not advocating for drinking alcohol during a weight loss program. We do, however, understand that drinking alcohol in moderation is part of the social fabric of America and many other countries. It is for this reason that we came up with a guide on how to use alcohol when on a weight loss program.

First let’s talk about what is permitted. Wine, of any variety, is allowed. Beer is allowed as long as it is 100 calories or less and 3g carbs or less. Only clear spirits are allowed. Hard seltzers, like White Claw, are also allowed.

Next, let’s talk about quantities. To not see much mitigation against weight loss results we recommend limiting wine to 8 oz. per week, beer and hard seltzers to 2 per week, and clear spirits to 6 oz. per week. Through our experience we have not seen much of a slowdown in weight loss if alcohol consumption is kept to these parameters.

I hope this was useful and concise enough to be implemented immediately.

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