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4 Secrets to Weight Loss

In this post I want to give my 4 “secrets” to natural and long term weight loss. These are techniques that we use in our Cincinnati and Florence KY weight loss offices with clients. The combination of these 4 “secrets” can lead to predictable weight loss that is easily achieved and lasts a lifetime.

First it is important to note that there is no “magic bullet” when it comes to weight loss. There is no magic pill or shot or supplement. Bummer, I know! If there was a singular “magic bullet” that worked there would not be the obesity problem in the world that we have today. Fortunately there is a combination of techniques that can be used to unlock the body’s ability to consistently metabolize body fat.

The first secret is how a person eats. This seems obvious, but dietary modification is going to a part of any weight loss program. In our office we prefer low calorie dirty keto (LCDK). We feel that this is the most efficient way of eating to stimulate the body to use its fat stores for fuel. This way of eating is better and more efficient than traditional keto, low fat or low carb dieting.

The second secret to weight loss is when you eat. The majority of research we have read suggests that eating all of your food within a 6 hour window is the sweet spot for weight loss. This is a technique commonly known as intermittent fasting. For fast and predictable fat loss we commonly recommend that whatever a person eats in a day they eat it all in a 6 hour window.

The third secret is often overlooked. When you are attempting to lose weight certain natural nutraceuticals can be extremely helpful. Now let me be clear, I don’t want anyone becoming dependent on taking something indefinitely to lose weight. Doing so almost always leads to long term failure. There are, however, some powerful natural supplements that can help curb cravings, rebalance hormones, etc. In many cases we will recommend taking certain supplements to our clients when they first start a weight loss journey.

Last, and certainly not least, when starting down a path of life changing weight loss every person is going to need a support system. In our Cincinnati and Florence KY weight loss offices we use a combination of in-office and virtual support so that we can be available for a client whenever he or she needs us. This component of a weight loss journey is probably the most overlooked of the four. Without proper coaching and encouragement along the way the success rate of any weight loss program goes way down.

In conclusion, there are many different ways of “dieting” that can lead to short term success. People obviously know about systems like keto, paleo or the Mediterranean diet. There are also extreme diets that can lead to short term successes on the scale. Without addressing each of the four “secrets” listed above none of these “diets” can be maintained long term.

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